New priority Airport Toll Charges

From 6th March 2018 Sydney Airport authoirties will be increasing limousine parking holding area tolls.

>Can I leave my vehicle unattended to meet my passenger(s) within the terminal?

International – YES. You may leave your vehicle unattended to meet your passenger(s) in the designated Ground Transport Zone.

Domestic – NO. Due to the proximity to the terminal, drivers are required to remain with their vehicle at all times. You are not permitted to leave your car unattended and fines will apply if you do. If you are required to leave your vehicle unattended you may do so only by parking at Terminal Court.

>Is there a fee payable for picking up a passenger from Sydney airport?

Yes. The applicable Access Fees for limousines are displayes on the Resources for registered limousines, buses and coaches page. Your registered e-tag will be scanned at the entry point to the designated Ground Transport Zones. Upon exiting the Ground Transport Zone, your e-tag will be scanned and Fees will be applied accordingly.

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